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What We Do

The cooperative Gangwon Peace Tour Provides peace travel, stay, education and exchange program near the DMZ in Gangwon-do. We produce contents and space using historical, ecological, regional, and cultural resources in the DMZ.


Peace · History

Reflect on the war and conflict and pave the way for peace in DMZ.



Protect and preserve the ecological resources in DMZ.


Locale · Fairness

Develop a fair and sustainable program with local residents.



Create a culture of peace in DMZ.

Peace Tour Sites

Yanggu War Memorial Hall

Yanggu War Memorial Hall

The Yanggu War Memorial Hall shows the fierce battle in Yanggu during the Korean War.

Il-seong Kim's villa

Il-seong Kim's villa

Hwajinpo's castle, also known as "Kim Il-sung Villa," was originally used as a chapel. Located overlooking the wonderful scenery of Hwajinpo, this building was used by Kim Il-sung fr...

DMZ Punchbowl Dullegil

DMZ Punchbowl Dullegil

War leaves traces not only in humans but also in nature. The highlands of Punchball, which used to be Mindungsan(mountain), have now become beautiful forests. Enjoy trekking while watching the unex...

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